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The attorneys of the law firm of Patrone, Kemp & Bentley P.A. have been servicing clients throughout Florida since 1988. The firm was established by Andre J. Patrone in January, 1988, and has operated at its New Brittany Boulevard location in South Fort Myers, Florida, since its inception.

Patrone, Kemp & Bentley P.A. limits its areas of practice to Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts and Federal Estate Tax Planning), Probate Administration, Trust Administration, Guardianship, Probate Litigation, Trust Litigation and Guardianship Litigation. We also prepare and file Federal Estate Tax Returns for our client ‘s estates, when necessary, and represent the estates in Federal Estate Tax Audits and Appeals.

While we are a “boutique” law firm with substantial experience in our practice areas, we offer a relaxed and comfortable office atmosphere, which assists our clients in addressing their legal matters.

Many of the clients of Patrone, Kemp & Bentley P.A. have been clients of the Firm for decades. Our attorneys work with our clients in the design and establishment of comprehensive estate plans, and in most cases, later assist the named family members and fiduciaries in implementation of the estate plan, following a death or incapacity.

The Firm is well regarded for its Probate Litigation, Trust Litigation and Guardianship Litigation expertise, and has been lead counsel in many “high profile” cases in our local Circuit Court.

We offer services on a fixed/flat fee basis, an hourly basis, or some combination., depending on the nature of the matter or case.